Information about me

It is my deep desire to bring the lotus flower up to the surface in each person.
Ayurveda, yoga and sound are my ways to achieve this.

Since I was young I am interested in nourishment, spirituality and personal development. My biography allowed me to get a deep insight into various fields of the before-mentioned areas and helped me to gather a lot of experience.

I was working as a teacher when health problems as a result of the burn-out-syndrom led myself to the universal and deep knowledge of live: ayurveda. Thus, I got to know the wonderful healing method of ayurveda. Along with ayurveda I got to know yoga and discovered that this discipline is very familiar to me.
As I am very much into music and dance, I was very touched when I learned about the sound. Working with the sound is something very special and it always fills me with reverence, thankfulness and joy.


I successfully completed my educations as an “Ayurvedic consultant for nutrition & health” and “Ayurvedic psychologic consultant” in the largest ayurveda education centre in Europe, at the “European Academy for Ayurveda, situated in Birstein/Germany.
I graduated in the “Yoga School North Bavaria” in Nuremberg as a yoga teacher. At the “Institute of alternative healing methods and mind experience” in Bischofsgrün/Germany I graduated as “Therapist of singing bowls according to Walter Häfner®”.


Suraya Wendtland
91056 Erlangen-Dechsendorf, Campingstr.7, Tel. +49 09135-6725,



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